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Left to right: Flynn, Orville, Ani, and Ivor.

Left to right: Flynn, Orville, Ani, and Ivor.

Northeastern Side is a visual novel style game in its early stages of development. On an Earth inhabited by humans and demons alike, the story follows Ani, a fifteen year-old quarter-demon girl, as she ventures up what was once the east coast of the United States in search of her missing family. Her journey isn’t what she expects it to be, and along the way she finds out more about the current state of the world and how her family ties in with it than she had ever hoped to discover. It’s a game about family, friendship, loss, toxicity, and understanding. Northeastern Side currently has a projected release date for early-mid 2020!

Below are some spoiler-free assets created for the game. The art below is not reflective of how much work has actually been completed, and is more here as a preview. It includes still illustrations, background art, concept art and character animations that will be implemented in the final game. More info coming soon!

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A young man with a heart of gold. Ivor is the deuteragonist of the story and Ani’s traveling companion. He has an intense, focused passion for music from the old world and collects as much musical paraphernalia as he can find. His dream is to someday have a nice acoustic guitar to call his own. Yeah, his guitar case is actually just a glorified backpack right now.


Flynn is one of the gentlest souls possibly ever. Since his father’s unforeseen passing, he’s worked tirelessly on his family’s farm to provide for himself and his sickly mother (and more recently, Orville as well). He certainly has aspirations outside of his humble farm life, but you’ll have to pry it out of him, goodness forbid you suggest he’d leave his mom behind.


Orville’s got a lot of compassion for other people, but you’ll have to dig past his unending layers of sarcasm and jokes to get it out of him. Maybe not, actually, because he runs a makeshift clinic in his house with Flynn to provide medical care to travelers. He always seems to leave his past a bit vague when questioned about it.

Who is this..?

A mysterious girl who takes a long time to divulge anything about herself. What’s her name? Where did she come from? Why does she care what Ani and Ivor are doing? No one can say.