Hey there! My name is Nim!


I’m a guy with a passion for storytelling and making art that’s relatable, fun, and resonates with people. I’m currently independently developing my first game, Northeastern Side, which has a projected release date for early to mid 2020. You can find out more about it through my portfolio!

I earned my BFA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019, and currently still live in the Baltimore area. I love to illustrate, but I also love to try new kinds of art all the time. When I’m not doing art stuff, I also love to cook, playing video games (especially indie games), horror films, and animated films/cartoons, and making interactive fiction! I also really love marine biology/oceanography, mineralogy, and botany. If I weren’t in art school, I’d probably be studying one of those!

Want to get in touch with me? Whether it’s about work or you’d just like to chat, feel free to drop me a line via one of following. I hope we can be friends! Thanks for checking out my stuff!

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